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I'm Andrew Nichols. I'm a web developer working in Columbus, Ohio at Olive. I use Node and React there, but I also contribute actively to the node.js open source community, most notably indefinite, safe-obj, task-master and file-manifest. Before I was a programmer, I was an English teacher at the high school and college levels for 8 years - I even have a Master's degree in poetry. Yes, really.

About This Blog

Because of my background in writing, I enjoy blogging, and because of my background in teaching, I enjoy blogging about things that can help other people. The success of Stackoverflow alone tells you there are plenty of people out there wanting to learn things about programming, so I'm writing about what I know, about the tips and tricks I've picked in my time as a programmer, about the nuances of writing code. I write mostly about javascript and vim, as you might expect, since that's what I know best, but I also like grunt and gulp. You might even find occasional posts about git or bash or any of the tools a programmer has to interact with. I even wrote a Google Tag Manager post.


I live in Mansfield, Ohio with my wife Kristine and my three children: Asher (7), Clara (5), and Thea (2).