Vim Keybindings I Use Every Day

And I mean custom mappings, not built-in stuff. I mean, you could easily fill a blog post with the built-in bindings you use regularly, since, in vim, there's a dozen ways to do the same thing. Some people prefer D and others prefer d$. But no, this post will include »

Running multi-environment apps in node.js

It's a common paradigm, at least in web development (and I can't really speak for anything else), to have different "environments" for production and development, so developers who are working on new features are not affecting other users when they inevitably break stuff. Having separated environments also allows you to »

The Odd Couple: Server- and client-side templating, together at last

With the recent growth of mega, do-everything client-side frameworks that include their own partial template rendering mechanisms (such as angular, ember, react, etc. etc. etc.), the potential of running into interpolation pattern clashes between your servers-side template renderer and your client-side framework renderer is high. Of course, the obvious solution »

Faking the API

If you're building a web application and you want to follow the single-page app design pattern - because, let's face it, this is the new hotness in web design - you will probably end up with an API whose primary responsibility is to grab data from the database, possibly manipulate »

The Ghost in the Machine (part 2)

The new, improved "How to" for setting up a Ghost blog on Heroku When I first set up this blog, I wrote this post as a step by step instructional for hosting a Ghost blog on Heroku. I'm writing this now to say, "Wait! There is an easier way!" I »

Why We Stopped Using Lineman.js

Lineman is a node-based command line productivity utility for managing client-side applications. It's basically a wrapper around grunt and testem and also provides a nifty mechanism for faking server-side APIs, allowing parallel development on the client and server. I work for Manta Media Inc., and we were using lineman for »