Improve your Angular test performance by 600%

My first title was actually "This one weird trick to improve your Angular test performance by 600%," but the click-bait seemed a bit obvious. Hopefully the 600% is still enough to make you say, "Wait, what?" You probably didn't realize that your Angular test suite could run that much faster. »

Introducing grunt-idk

I recently published grunt-idk on npm. As the name implies, it's a grunt task for when you just aren't sure what task you need to run. Maybe you have multiple test suites with similar grunt task names, maybe you have aliases that compose tasks in a variety of confusing ways, »

Introducing grunt-each

A couple weeks ago I published version 1.0.0 of grunt-each, a plugin for grunt that runs arbitrary actions on file contents and writes the results to a destination. As with (almost) all of my modules, I wrote it because I had a use case that no existing module »

Open a pull request, STAT!

I'm an optimizer. Maybe an over-optimizer. If there are things I find myself doing all the time, even if they're fairly quick, I try to make them quicker so I spend less time doing the repetitive things I can do without thinking and more time thinking about the hard things »

Destroy all your git changes in one command

Ever accidentally installed a node module or added a bunch of images and then decided, "I don't want these changes"? Git makes it easy to blow away changes to staged files (git reset) and to remove files that aren't tracked (git clean), but doing both to get yourself back to »

Open a sibling file in vim

I often find myself editing a file in vim in some nested directory, like app/templates/foo/bar/baz/banana.html, and needing to edit a "sibling" file, like app/templates/foo/bar/baz/apple.html. As with anything in vim, there are lots of ways to solve this problem. »

Introducing grunt-test-matrix

Run your test suite locally against your travis build matrix with grunt-test-matrix. I'm really excited to have this completed finally. This is a project I've been thinking about for some time because there's not really a good alternative out there. There is one other project I've seen that does this, »

Why I think Array#some is wrong

Lodash v4 was recently released, and it removed any as an alias to some. I think I get it: Array#some is a thing and Array#any is not, so people should get use to using the "real" (albeit wrapped in this case) method. I was slightly disappointed by this. »

Introducing file-manifest

This is not really an introduction, as file-manifest has existed for almost two years. File-manifest is a node module I wrote originally with Justin Searls for the Manta platform when we were in the process of migrating it from a monolithic Perl application to a Node.js and Java service-based »